May 5, 2012

I’m so glad it’s time to talk dough. That’s right, bread! What can I say? I get the biggest kick out of making bread, and I’m beginning to delve into history, society, culture, and religion to supplement/flesh out my enamor. Sure, there is satisfaction solely in recipe: commitment to the perfect process of bringing bread from a few raw ingredients to the table. “Giddy” is an appropriate word, here. Then, there is a hunger for more than what the stomach alone can tell.

Did you know that kneading bread involves all of the acupuncture pressure points in your hands? In Arabic, the words commonly used for bread and life are one in the same. Bread is metaphor, it is poetry, it is sacred in some form or fashion within most religions. It is economy and nourishment, and I count it privilege to partake in an ancient recipe that is life for millions ( or taken for granted by millions ). So begins my bread blogging…

I found something beautiful tonight thanks to charity:water. Four children bake homemade bread in exchange for donations to provide water for another. (Here is “we belong to one another” in action.)  Read more >>

Stay there, eat.

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